typically require an investment of $ 250,000 or more to obtain an E2 visa

There is a wide variety of businesses that typically require an investment of $ 250,000 or more to obtain an E2 visa. Starting with the franchise restaurant business, there are cram school management business, cleaning, transportation business, etc. Applicants should decide on an investment business according to their career and academic ability.

This is because, in order to operate a business in the United States in common sense, a business that is related to your background is advantageous.

However, most applicants have problems here in selecting a company to keep from the manufacturer. If you’re an immigrant expert who’s really considering applying, you shouldn’t meet the unreasonable application conditions to make money.

The consular officer at the time of the E2 visa interview calculates the reason for the refusal, not the lack of investment or the content of incomplete documents, but whether the applicant has the knowledge and ability to operate the business.

Due to the nature of E2 visas, before you get a visa, you start spending at least $ 250,000 in the United States to set up a company. However, if a visa application is denied, few immigration agents will provide safety equipment and protection for the amount invested.

In addition, companies that consult with E2 visas avoid being liable because they do not have the money to give them directly. In particular, franchise restaurants and cram school agency operations are the main causes of such damage cases. Cases of E2 visa damage, in which several million dollars were spent on such damage, often appear.

It is clear that almost all businesses are difficult and will benefit from the rent deferment due to administrative orders, but when the benefits are over, most restaurants, cram schools, etc. will close because they can not pay the pushed rent.

In fact, an after-school cram school in New York is closing the door with fewer students from the school’s online zoom lessons, and restaurant companies are closing the door without rumors.